Our Business Model

Staff Augmentation

Leverage our Talent Pool and staff the resources you need quickly. The right experience, right background, right mindset.

Dedicated Dev Teams

Seasoned engineers, proactive and very focused, combined with brilliant Scrum Masters and experienced Architects, will delivery, period!

Fixed Price projects

If you know exactly what you want, we can make it happen, it's that simple. You will get the latest and best tech that is available.

What We Do

Software Development

Our experience, our in-house talent and industry best practices will ensure that your company is at the forefront.


Automate the things that bring value to your workflows. Find perfect valance between Development and business.

QA & Testing

Solid, reliable and responsive software is only possible if you have a plan to measure its quality and react when needed.

Artificial Intelligence

Personalize user experience, automate processes and implement solutions that change the way customers interact with your product.

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All in for Agile methodologies

The end result is building great software that delivers huge value to your users and your company.In order to get there, we follow Agile methodologies. We want to you be part of the process, receive the information you need about your project constantly, be involved in a dynamic design and development process and react to changes rapidly, to maximize the value of the product.

We love technology,
We enjoy good tools,
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Our tech Stack