Our Approach

We've tried many things over the years. We have a clear vision of what works and what doesn't. All our expertise will be at your disposal.
We base our model on Agile / Scrum methodologies. Our goal is to help you from idea to reality.



So, you have an idea, something that may be the next unicorn or just a business need. In this phase, we will understand it, explore possible solutions, evaluate risks. We'll make a plan!



An important part of the success of the project is going to be how well defined are the goals. The engineering team needs to be 100% clear on what is expected from them. We will work together to define these goals as technical requirements.

At the beginning of each sprint, we will define what are the features that will give you more value, remove any ambiguity from expectations and estimate the effort.


Agile Strategy

At this point, we are clear on what is the scope of work for the next few weeks (each sprint). We will do daily standups, keep all the tickets on a board (Jira or Gitlab), do code reviews, sprint planning and sprint retrospectives.



Ready to start coding and having fun. The plan is set and we know what to do. We will commit code as small features are implemented. We will implement our DevOps strategy and configure CI & CD. You will get to test every day what we are working on.

Infrastructure will also be configured for different environments, usually development, staging, and production.



As part of the development phase, we write several suites of testing at different levels (unit, integration, performance, etc), however in this stage, we will make sure that the product is ready to go live, by trying to break it very hard.


Go Live & Iterate

A lot of hard work, but it's beautiful. All the effort was worth it. We will make it available to public users and get ready to iterate with new ideas, new workflows, optimizations.



We will monitor the product, how it's been used, it's performance and take measures as needed.

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